Friday, 23 November 2018

ATEC Multimedia Design Course 多媒体设计课程都是学什么的呢?

ATEC Multimedia Design Course 多媒体设计课程都是学什么的呢?



动画设计(Animation Design)、影片剪辑(Video Editing)、平面设计(Graphic Design)、数码插画(Digital Illustration)、网页设计(Web Design)、摄影制作(Photography)


ATEC 美工学院所提供的 
受政府评选及承认的5星级 Multimedia Design 多媒体设计课程包含了以上全部科目。

SPM 毕业生不用再烦恼学习的困难了,因为ATEC多媒体设计课程跳脱一般的学习方式,使用共享工作室的概念让学生互相交流和激发好点子。这不仅让求学更快乐有趣,更使同学认为这才是投入创意艺术应有的生活方式!


ATEC Multimedia Design Course

A 5-Star Rated Design Course in Penang, Malaysia.

Graphic Design, Photography, Web Design, Photography, Digital Illustration, Video Production

_________________________________________________________________ NEW INTAKE ! ATEC Academy 5 Star Rated Multimedia Design Course in Penang 槟城ATEC 美工学院政府评选5星级多媒体设计课程 There are many ways to connect with ATEC Academy. Contact us for general questions, assistance with course enrolment, and more. Make an Appointment Today ATEC’s course counselors are committed to helping you find the most appropriate educational path to meet your goals. Our counselor are all professional to provide artistic feedback and suggest the best plan for your studies on your individual situation. ATEC Web : ATEC Facebook : ATEC Blog : ATEC Instagram : Tel : 04 - 229 2629 / 016-979 2129 Email : /

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