ATEC | Accreditation


ATEC College is an New Media Design College that approved and accredited as Pusat Bertauliah Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran Malaysia (Department of Skills Development) by Malaysia Federal Government.


We work to National Occupational Skill Standard (NOSS), and aim to provide all our students with the highest levels of design skill.  As an approved centre, our course materials, tuition and quality procedures are subject to independent external verification from JPK Malaysia.


The Department of Skills Development (Malay: Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran), abbreviated JPK or DSD, is an agency under the Ministry of Human Resources of Malaysia for co-ordination and control of training skills for Malaysian citizens. It researches and develops standards to evaluate job expertise and competency.

Malaysian Skill Certificate

Defining the contents of Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia (Malaysian Skill Certificates) is the major function of Department of Skill Development.

There are currently five different levels of certification. Skill Certificates are obtained through Accredited Training Institutions and Industry-Oriented Training. Apprenticeship training courses in the National Dual Training System are carried out in approved institutes.


Separately, Pengiktirafan Pencapaian Terdahulu (PPT) (Recognition of Prior Achievement) allow trainees or trainers to convert their experience (either in work or training) into Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia. Malaysians can be awarded SKM without formal courses. They submit proof of such experience and the evidence is reviewed by the relevant officers and confirmed by the Pegawai Pengesahan Luaran, who is usually from the Department of Skill Development.

National Occupational Skills Standard

The acronym NOSS stands for National Occupational Skills Standards. NOSS is a document that outlines the dexterity required of an employee working in Malaysia at a certain level of employment to achieve specific skills. National Occupational Skills Standard (NOSS) specifies level of competency required by a worker to perform a specific job at different levels. The syllabus describes each skill and level through the standard. This standard is built as career-based standard. It follows the career structure of a given field and prepared by a pool of industry experts and skilled workers who carry out the job.